Dustbin 20L & Biodegradable Trash Bag

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Dustbin 20L
Material: Stainless Steel
Finishing: Satin Polish
The bin is easy to move since it has a handle on the back.
Easy to empty and clean as the inner bucket can be removed.
You can use this bin anywhere in your home, even in damp areas like the kitchen and bathroom.
Easily open with step pedal
Size: 30cm (D)x46cm(H)
Weight 2.6kg
2 years rust warranty

Biodegradable Trash Bag:
Pollution and waste management are worldwide issues spurred in part from our increasing reliance on wasteful single-use plastic products. Traditional plastics are made from non-renewable resources and at the end of their useful life either end up in landfill or polluting our environment. What is worse is that traditional plastics will not break down for hundreds of years. Our biodegradable and compostable products are scientifically developed to break down within weeks in a compost environment, without leaving any harmful residues in the process. Additionally, all of our products are certified to the various worldwide standards of Compostability including the Australian Standard AS4736-2006, the European Standard EN13432-2000 and the American Standard ASTM D6400-2004.

Constar Material Group manufactures and supplys high quality Eco-friendly and biodegradable garbage bag. You’ll find the bio bags to be just as durable as your standard plastic bags but much better for the environment and minus the negative environmental impacts associated with traditional plastic products.

When bio-degradable garbage bag is exposed to heat or natural air, the additive will start to break down the chain of polymers. This breaking down process of the polymers does not cause any harmful effects to our environment. Let’s protect our ENVIRONMENT together!

Type: 100% biodegradable bags
Application :Household Care, Daily use
Feature Eco-Friendly

Size:450mmx540mm (19″inch x 22″inch)

20 liter


Total weight: 2.8kgs

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Additional information
Weight 3.7 g
Dimensions 33 x 32 x 49 cm
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